Our frozen fruits are handpicked and sorted and immediately frozen to retain the flavors and aromas. Enjoy them with ice cream, yogurt, in desserts or simply add some sugar and enjoy them au naturel.

Strawberries, variety senga sengana, 100 %

How to use:
Pour the fruits into a bowl and thaw them for a few hours at room temperature (or in the refrigerator for a longer time), then use them like fresh fruits. The product can be consumed both fresh and cooked. Once thawed do not refreeze and refrigerate.

Available in the following formats:
Retail packaging:
Bags of 100 g to 1 kg
Industrial packaging:
Polyethylene bag for food use, boxes of 1x10 kg
Nutritional Values
for 100 g of product
Energy value
32 Kcal
136 kl
0,67 g
of which sugars
7,68 g
4,9 g
of which saturated fats
0,3 g
0,015 g
Dietary fibres

2 g
2,5 mg
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Frozen Berries
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